2015  “Puk” café Main St, Kangaroo Pt


2011    “Angels in Brisbane” 455 Main St, Kangaroo Pt
2011    “Amore Angels in Brisbane”, “Rylo” East Brisbane QLD
2012    Blackville Art Show, NSW
2012 Weswal Art Gallery, Tamworth NSW
2013   “Birds and Flowers” Mt Cootha Brisbane, NSW
2014 Blackville Art show NSW
2014 Work of Art Community Gallery, Gunnedah, NSW

Alexandra Ranken

My Story

I was born in Quirindi, NSW and spent my childhood on a cattle property. 

As  I went into secondary school I became very Interested in screen-printing and sewing together lovely bits of fabrics. I then went on to finish a Dip Ed in Early Childhood Teaching at SKTC, Waverley Campus Sydney. When I started teaching Early Childhood in 1985 , I would watch children go to an easel using various mediums and be inspired by their playfulness with creativity and love of colour. I think this memory has been my motivation ever since.

When I eventually moved to Armidale, NSW I started making cards using wax crayon and  water colour wash. It wasn't until last year that I met Nadine Sawyer another Naive artist who encouraged me to do larger pieces. My influences are also Marc Chagall who painted the Paris Opera theatre Ceiling, Australian Artist David Boyd and Matisse all lovers of Colour,  humour and imaginative playfulness. 

My first inspiration came from my mother. Her long colourful dresses with hand embroidered belts and a cupboard filled with brightly patterned fabric would catch my eye. It was also  her rambling garden, filled with filtered light and colour which provided me with lots of ideas.

My other inspiration was when I started Early Childhood Teaching and observing children at an easel. It was the way they painted and used wax crayon with edicol wash with such freedom and colour that enticed me to start painting myself.

Alexandra Ranken Scarf

Upon meeting another "Naive" artist Nadine Sawyer In 2012 I was encouraged to start exhibiting my work. These exhibitions gathered a lot of interest and after awhile I decided to move on from wax crayon with wash and try my hand at  Acrylic on canvas. I also do pottery with many of my designs hand painted on plates, bowls and mugs.

I hope you enjoy this artwork as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

I am holding a Dip. Ed. Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Education.